The Doctor Is In To Take Your Questions!

Dr. Lincoln’s new podcast gives you the chance to call in and ask all your burning questions, no topic off limits.


Note: The podcast is on hiatus currently, but have a listen to past episodes!

Podcast Overview

Let’s Talk About Down There, shall we? Welcome to the podcast you wish you had in high school, where everyone and quite (c)literally everything is welcome; words like vagina, scrotum, and nipples are embraced with open arms and nothing is considered TMI. Because with board-certified OB-GYN Dr. Jen Lincoln in charge, shame is not on the menu. As a medical professional, social media educator, mother, author, and advocate for reproductive rights, Dr. Jen is officially OVER the stigma surrounding discussions of anatomy and is ready to go (down) there.

Each week, she will get right down to business, answering your burning questions you’ve left her directly via her voicemail. She’s not holding anything back, and neither should you. This is a space to say what needs to be said in order to change the narrative of what’s considered taboo.

So tune in, stay safe, stay empowered and keep talking. Viva la vulva, baby! Be sure to rate, review, and follow because it’s about to go down…there.

Call (503) 893-2016 and leave Dr. Lincoln a voicemail with your question to be featured – *currently on hiatus*



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